Pregnancy Week 5

This week was a very exciting one! We were able to confirm Sassea’s pregnancy via ultrasound. The vet counted at least nine puppies! He also said she is in fabulous shape, and we expect a smooth whelp four weeks from now.

We went out for a celebration toast with the mother-to-be and she got her own plate of celebratory bacon.

She is still spending most of her afternoons swimming, retrieving, and floating around on the lake followed up by a nice snooze on the couch. We love spoiling this special girl.

One week pregnant vs. Five weeks pregnant

One thought on “Pregnancy Week 5

  1. So exciting! Such great photos of that sweet athletic mommy-to-be!

    She is so lucky to be with your great care.

    Rest up! Busy days ahead for you and Melissa!


    Sandy Nicholls
    Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.

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